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On December 19th, 1809 Emperor Alexander I signed the official document about establishing the public Anfilatov's Bank
in Slobodskoy.

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The  official document
about establishing
in Slobodskoy
This is given to Ksenofont Anfilatov, a merchant of the I guild from Slobodskoy.
     State Chancellor, Count Rumyantsev has reported Us about your intention to establish a public Bank in your native town Slobodskoy of the Vyatka Province to aid those fellow-citizens who need it, according to the rules of the State Loan Bank and Registration Offices, and about irrevocable donation of twenty five thousand roubles from you and of three thousand roubles from some members of the Slobodskoy Society for this establishment. He has also presented to Us the Regulations of this Bank worked  out by you.  Accepting with veneration such an exploit of yours We allow you to establish that Bank in the Slobodskoy town under your own command and in your own care, and order you to be the Director of it. And to testify far more and in future generations to your zeal for public benefit and to Our Monarch's gratitude for this We have ordered this Bank to be named now and henceforward for ever as the Bank of Anfilatov.
Signed by Emperor ALEXANDER I


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Ksenofont Alexeyevich Anfilatov
 Anfilatov K.A (1761-1820), a native of Slobodskoy has become the brightest personality in the history of the national merchants. Being a businessman, a distinguished Russian merchant Anfilatov carried on trade with cities from the Western Europe and was the first to establish trade relations with America. It was he who was also the first to start banking.























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