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Nowadays the Saint Catherine's cathedral is still the main temple of the Slobodskoy town and is the second pulpit for members of higher orders of clergy in Vyatka, that is why their public worships are regularly held here.



















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   The Catherine's church of Slobodskoy is mentioned in the documents of 1615, 1623 and 1646. In the Domozhirovs inventory book it is characterized as «wooden... with a dining-table. There is an icon of the Pure Virgin with a baby in the church, a big belt on the bell-tower, a donation from the Sovereign, and 7 secular bells».

   Since 1945 till 1994 the Catherine's cathedral was the only functioning tem­ple in the town. Thanks to this fact many sacred objects are well preserved in the cathedral. Now in the cathedral there is a manuscript copy of the miracle-working icon of the God's Mother «In Sorrow and Grief is Consolation» marvellously saved by believers after the Christmas monastery had been closed. Each Friday at the end of the evening liturgy, with the ex­ception of holidays, a public prayer with the akathistus to the God's Mother is said in front of it. There is also an icon of Saint Catherine, a great martyr, with a small part of her sacred relics.

    During the last year and a half the staff of the cathedral's clergy has been almost completely changed. The Head of the Vyatka eparchy, Metropolitan of Vyatka and Slobodskoy Khrisanf has laid the crucial service at the second pulpit on young priests. Appointment of young pastors to Slobodskoy has be­come a good tradition. The Metropolitan takes special paternal care of the young priests. No affair in the cathedral is taken without his blessing. Wise recommendations of the archipastor are especially appreciated by the young priests, but what is much more valuable is his prayer care of the second pulpit. Each slobozhanin can pray together with the Metropolitan in Catherine's cathedral several times a year, ask for his blessing and advice and obtain them.

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Olga Rozanova

Church in the name of the Holy Trinity

 The church in the name of the God's Mother
«In Sorrow and Grief is Consolation»

The Saviour-Transfiguration Church


The Saint Catherine's cathedral in the Slobodskoy town is the second cathedral of the Vyatka eparchy and was the first temple to sow the seeds of the truly orthodox faith for many generations of the Slobodskoy inhabitants. It has been one of the main centres for the religious life on the Vyatka land during three centuries.

The temple has been consecrated in the name of the icon of Saint Catherine, a great martyr. It is one of the most beautiful buildings on the Vyatka land.






























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